Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 18, openhouse

On Saturday, September 18, we will be holding open some of Holladays finest estates, to benefit the Utah Food Bank.  This is a rare opportunity to visit several renown  luxury homes.  Bring a  can of food and join us for three hours of fun!

You will also be given  a $2000.00 coupon for the final closing of any buyer or seller using the Secrist team.

With interest rates at a historical low (3.99% for a 30 year fixed loan), and prices at least 30% below the past two year values, this is the time to invest in a new home.

Why wait for higher rates and prices to rise , to begin your move?

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  1. The $2,000 coupon makes it a much better deal than what MediaOne is offering! Wow.