Monday, December 5, 2011


Contest Rules in A Nutshell!!

THE PRIZE... will be $500 to be split evenly between the Winner and a Registered Charitable organization of the winner's choice.
HOW TO PLAY OR SUGGEST A HOME... Just LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and leave a suggestion on our Wall with Address/Location of your favorite home Christmas light display. You can also leave a comment on our BLOG,
If you don't play or suggest a home, Check out our Blog and Facebook page often over the next several weeks as we post and receive comments. Come out and see all the wonderful Homes and enjoy the Light Shows. We look forward to seeing the many wonderful  homes and appreciate all the Christmas Cheer and Holiday Joy the home decor and lighting brings to our Communities and neighborhoods.  Thank you everyone!
 1. Like us on Face Book and suggest or comment the location of your favorite home on our wall.... or leave a comment with homes location on our Blog!
2. Judges will view your suggested home some evening between now and December 25th. During the week of Dec 26th - Jan 1st. Judges will view the Best Home from the following locations.
Area 1. Holladay, Murray and Cottonwood Heights HomesArea 2. Homes in Bountiful and Sandy, UT
Area 3. Salt Lake Homes -Sugar House and Millcreek
Area 4. Homes in Draper and South Jordan, Homes in Herriman and Riverton.

3. The WINNER shall Receive a Check from Linda Secrist and Associates of $250.The winner also Chooses a Registered Charitable Organization for a donation of $250 to be paid by Linda Secrist & Associates.
4. Winner to be announced on or before January 5th 2012.


Best Salt Lake Homes for viewing Christmas Lights contest and promotion!

This is a wonderful time of year and one of our favorite months. The Christmas Spirit is everywhere and this year seems to be extra special. We have noticed so many fabulous homes in Draper, Sandy and South Jordan with exceptional Christmas decorations. Viewing Christmas lights this time of year has been a tradition for The Secrist family for as long as I can remember. We love driving the streets through subdivisions looking at Christmas lights and decorations that adorn many homes in Draper, Sandy and South Jordan. In fact, last night doing the exact thing gave me a idea. A Christmas Light Blog for Best Draper Homes exhibiting exceptional exterior Deco and Christmas lighting. I mentioned my blog to Linda Secrist and she immediately responds with "Wouldn't it be fun to have a contest. A FACEBOOK contest!" Ok, I said. I really liked the sound of that. What a great job this would be. Just like Real Estate. We love looking at homes in Draper, Sandy, Holladay and South Jordan and spend many hours each week doing just that. Buying and Selling Real Estate is our business and should coordinate well with Judging a Best Home Christmas Light and Decor Contest.. Right? I guess we'll see. Please remember I accepted this task without thought or hesitation, I am a Real Estate Agent and have just begun to realize the complexities of this contest and discovered that FACEBOOK has contest rules and restrictions. What started as a Idea for a post a picture and you vote on a house by liking it can't be done according to the rules. Please like our Facebook Fan Page and suggest a home or street on our wall or leave a suggested Best Home comment on our Real Estate Blog @ click on the Christmas Light Contest!

So anyhow, Here we go, the areas to be judged. We had to have limits and decided to narrow it down by Salt Lake County locations where a member of our Real Estate Team has recently sold a home or helped a client buy a home. Linda Secrist sells homes and property all over and could pretty much have her pick of prime Locations. Linda chooses to stay close to home and will choose from Murray, UT Holladay Homes and Cottonwood Heights Real Estate. Lisa Herron Mckinney's most recent Real Estate transactions included a home in Sandy and a Bountiful listing. She also has recently helped a buyer purchase a ranch in rural Morgan County. Since Lisa was absent from our team meeting and would most likely be upset with me if I had her out driving around Ranch Country in the Dead of winter. Ummmm!!! YA, the Ranch is definitely not included. Our wonderful office manager and licensed Realtor Michelle Pollock will also stay close to Home and will cover Homes in Salt Lake City, focusing on Millcreek and Sugarhouse homes. I, Brett Butler will Judge the best Homes in Draper, South Jordan and Riverton. I have also represented several buyer's in Real Estate transactions and spend so much of my time in Herriman showing homes that Herriman Homes will also fall on my shoulders.
THE JUDGES ... and their children or grandchildren will view the homes you suggest. That's right, you don't even need to sell us your own home. Some lucky winner might even make money off a friend or family member's home and hard work. Each Judge will over the next several weeks leading up to Christmas have a favorite suggested home from their chosen City. The home must be suggested so if you don't see many comments your chances of winning look really good. The Team will then Judge the top Picks from each location sometime between Christmas Day and New Years. The Winner will be announced by January 5th 2012.